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Goodnight Saigon by Sebastian & Neshville

Let me introduce you to my student Sebastian, (who just turned 18), even though it’s not the first time that he and I have recorded a song together. 

Sebastian has been with me ever since he was 10 years old. At the time of this video (early summer 2019), he was actually in the midst of finishing highschool at the highest level. As the Dutch national champion karate (16-17) and member of the national karate team, he also trains 6 days a week, and performs at tournaments outside The Netherlands almost every (other) month. The reason why I mention this, is that in between his incredibly disciplined life he still finds the time to show up at his piano lesson every week. He says ‘it’s relaxing to me’. Needless to say, I absolutely love that, because it tells me he doesn’t just líke to play music, he lóves it, like I do. 

All in all, this is him and me playing Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel, which is, both on piano and guitar, not a very easy song to play, even though it might seem like it is. It’s long for one, and it has many little ‘hurdles’ throughout the whole arrangement, I’ll spare you the details. I’d love to say we did it in one take, but that’d be a lie….in any way, I sure hope you’ll enjoy our rendition!



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