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Lost Boy/Ruth B. by Riley & Neshville

A little while ago, my guitar student Riley (13 years old) came up with the song Lost Boy by singer-songwriter Ruth B. As usual she wanted to learn it in order to accompany her vocals.

As some might already know, besides teaching students one on one, I also develop online video-guitarlessons for Totally Guitars. So I thought it would be a great beginners-song to add to the website’s library. Part of such a lesson is always, when possible, a complete ‘play through’ in which I simply play and sing through that particular song, from beginning to end.

Since Riley, who also happens to sing just gorgeously, came up with the idea in the first place, I thought it’d be perfect for her to join me and sing it, while I would play the guitar. She generously agreed to it and I couldn’t resist sharing it.

I think it’s safe to say that the look on my face says it all, I obviously can’t hide being a very proud teacher. It was such a joy to do this together and I hope you can see why.



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