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New Guitar Student Video – Berend Botje By Laura

As a teacher I strongly connect with my students. They are all different and I care deeply for them. Guiding them on this journey of music is simply as rewarding as can be and I’m honored that they put their trust in me.

I’ve always been a strong believer of learning an instrument at the earliest age possible. After all, I picked up the guitar, or actually it was a ukelele, at the age of three myself and started my own journey under the guidance of my father who is a musician. And the rest is as they say history.

When Laura walked in the first time, I couldn’t help to be totally charmed by her. She’s 6 years old and at the moment my youngest student. Even though it was not easy for her to practice at home (she’d rather play outside! 😉 ), she did work hard in the lessons and within a couple of weeks she managed to play several chords and strum them in time as well. All it needed from there was to sing of course, so ‘Berend Botje’ it was. And what do you know, she just did!

Since this is the very first song that I ever played myself, it’s actually one of my earliest memories (I was three years old), my heart just melted right there, it couldn’t get more endearing than that.

As you can imagine, I hope anyone watching this will enjoy it too and that it’ll make you smile! 🙂

Nb. If you want to learn to play the guitar, piano or the drums, no matter what age you are, don’t hesitate to contact me at vanessabot@botmusic.nl or 0629255003.



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