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New Guitar Student Video – Hallelujah by Riley

I could write down an elaborate intro for this video, but instead I will let it speak for itself. In short, this is my student Riley, 12 years old, who had recently learned how to play Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (she was of course more familiar with Alexandra Burke’s version 😉 ). We worked pretty quickly through it the last couple of weeks, since she wanted to perform it in public, which is in my opinion simply incredibly brave. I was thankfully able to watch it later on video, that her mom had recorded and send to me. What can I say, it just blew me away….!

I’m so very proud of her and I hope you can see why, enjoy!

Interested in playing the guitar, the piano or the drums? Then don’t hesitate to shoot me an email vanessabot@botmusic.nl or call 0629255003 for more information.



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